Twin Soul
Twin Soul is a two player survival horror video game with various puzzles designed for cooperative solutions.
Currently in development.




Twin Soul is a coop-survival horror video game that takes place in an distant and desolate town somewhere in Eastern Europe. Here two players have to join together and face frightful creatures and solve twisted puzzles to survive. The game raises a variety of social problems, the expression of which can be found in the appearance of monsters, the environment and the characters themselves.
The project is heavily inspired by Team Silent, H.R.Giger and David Lynch works. Creating real psychological horror experience is the primary mission of the project.

Fact sheet

Target platforms: PC/Mac/Linux
XBOX/PS4 are optional
Powered by Unreal Engine 4
Release date: to be decided
  • Photo-realistic graphics
  • Different types of enemies with different combat features
  • Allusions to social problems
  • Post-Soviet setting
  • Mind-tricking gameplay
  • Cooperative puzzle solving
  • Decisions making

Ingame screenshots using Unreal Engine 4.


Q: When the game will be released?
A: To be decided.

Q: What about VR support in the game?
A: We cannot afford this feature.

Q: Can i play Twin Soul alone (offline)?
A: We are looking forward to making this feature. It is not prioritized at the moment.

Q: Will the game be on Kickstarter?
A: Yes, when the demo is out.

Q: Is this actual graphics on screenshots?
A: Yes. However, we will work on it to achieve the best possible realistic look.

Q: Which platforms?
A: Steam as first platform. Xbox One and PS4 are possible too.

Q: Do we need music composers or sound designers?
A: No, we already have a specialist. Check out our vacancies on Facebook.

Q: Will the game has Early Access?
A: No, it is not acceptable for that kind of project.


The White Noise Team was formed while working on the Alchemilla project. The project was released for free, without any commercial goals. The game was being developed for about 6 years, which proves team's ability to go through with ambitious projects. The game was developed for about 6 years, that proved team`s ability to complete the game until its release.
Team members also had experience with various PC and mobile games.


The main achievement for team - Alchemilla project. It is the one completed serious project by formed team. The game was designed mainly for fans of the Silent Hill game universe, it was not advertised and did not have advanced distribution mechanisms. However, Alchemilla was able to get fame among fans of horror and adventure games and it received very positive feedback (average score is 8.6 out of 10).
  • Total number of downloads of the game from the resource (about 30000, 15-30 per day)
  • Publications of the game on famous torrent trackers with about 5-10 thousand downloads from each.
  • Several Alchemilla walkthroughs by various well-known YouTubers (more than 10 billions views).

Popular mass media:

Alexandr Goryachev

CEO, Game Designer, Level Designer

Dennie Borisova

С++ Developer

Dmitry Masaltsev

Environment artist